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Snooker Tables |

We make small Foldaway Snooker and Pool Tables and Home Slate bed Snooker and Pool Tables made from Ash, Beech and Sapele.
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Folding Leg Snooker TablesFolding Leg Snooker Tables
Please note that all our folding leg snooker tables can be reclothed unlike our competitors, why waste money on a throw away table because that's what's on offer elsewhere, be careful what you select, a word of warning - if you rip the cloth then you have to buy another that's if you purchase one from a large supermarket or catalogue company no names mentioned
Slate Bed Club Snooker Table
Snooker Table Button (4894)
low in stock! Just 1 left in stock!
Classic Snooker Table
Northern Cushion Rubber 5/8" Section
Royal Snooker Dining Table
low in stock! Back in Stock Soon
Snooker Cloth
Richmond Snooker Diner Table
Snooker Table top Pro
low in stock! Back in Stock Soon
Blue Nylon Mix Cloth
7ft Freeplay Slate Bed Pool Table
low in stock! Back in Stock Soon
6ft Snooker Diner Table
low in stock! Back in Stock Soon