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Foldaway Snooker Tables with Folding Leg System. |

We Manufacture folding leg Snooker tables using only the quality snooker cloth or snooker Baize for a lasting life time unlike the imported foldaway snooker tables, with our quality snooker cushion rubbers for that perfect game, and our top quality snooker nets, the folding leg system is a very strong unit made from metal box section and fitted with table adjusters to keep the snooker table level, when you have finished playing on your snooker table simply fold the legs up and stand it on the edge against the wall and away from heat such as (radiators), all our foldaway snooker tables are complete with snooker balls, score board, 2 snooker cues, triangle and chalk.

Please note when looking for a foldaway pool table make sure that Can it be repaired and recovered, with all our foldaway snooker tables we have made sure that they can be recovered so you won't have to buy one twice. We deliver our own foldaway snooker tables all over the North West Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria
Made in Britain.image description

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Foldaway Snooker Table
Pro-Foldaway Snooker Table
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Riley Snooker Table
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