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Snooker and Pool Room Sizes |

Before you decided to buy a Snooker or Pool table make sure it will fit there's nothing worse than having your cue up in the air and stabbing the table cloth and putting little holes everywhere.The idea is mark the size of the table that you are thinking of buying on the floor, then measure back to the wall that will determine the size of cue That you could use.Or if you have a cue just lay it down on the floor butt end to the wall from all 4 sizes then measure the area in the center and thats the size of table you should go for.Example minimum size for a 6ft snooker table would be 14ft x 11ft using 4ft cues or 16ft x 13ft using 57" cues if it is pool then the length can be reduced by 6"

If you are not sure then call us