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Snooker Nets and Pool Table Nets and Leathers |

Snooker Table and Pool Table pocket assembly we have a choice of snooker bag nets and snooker ring nets and snooker bag nets with leatherette and a choice of Snooker table pocket plates for foldaway snooker tables or fixed leg snooker tables, we also stock pool table nets as used on foldaway pool tables,and a selection of snooker table pocket leathers, Small snooker leather pockets, Narrow bow leather pockets, broad Bow leather pockets and Riley snooker table leather pocket,all the snooker leather pockets are moulded to fit over the pocket plates and with punched holes for the string to go through.
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Bag and Ring NetsBag and Ring Nets
These snooker bag nets are for use with any snooker pocket plate when fitted they will need a snooker pocket leather to fit over the top to protect them, if need be you could sew some leatherette over the top when fitting to small snooker tables.
Ball RailsBall Rails
These snooker ball rails are suitable for 1.7/8" snooker balls, 2" snooker balls, and 2.1/16" (full size)snooker balls, the snooker ring nets will fit these rails, with a choice of brassed snooker or nylon snooker ball rails.
Leather PocketsLeather Pockets
Real moulded leather pocket covers will fit over most of the pocket plates shown on this site from small tables to full size tables, Small moulded leathers, Narrow bow moul;ded leathers, Broad bow moulded leathers and Riley match moulded leathers simply place over pocket plate trim and then feed shoe lace or heavy string through the holes provided. These are top quality moulded snooker table leathers,
Leatherette Pocket NetsLeatherette Pocket Nets
These snooker pocket nets have sewn on leatherette and can be used with the brassed snooker pocket plates small or large, ideal for small snooker or pool tables slate bed or composition 5ft snooker tables, 6ftsnooker tables, 7ft snooker tables or maybe some 8ft snooker tables tables, will fit 1.7/8" ball or 2" ball size.
Special Size Ring Net
Nylon Snooker Rail Pockets
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Snooker Pocket Bag Nets
Snooker and Pool Pocket Ring Nets
Snooker Pocket Bag Nets with Leatherette
Snooker Pocket Moulded Leathers
Snooker Ball Brassed Rails
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Leather Straps for Ball Rails
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Larger Moulded Leathers
Replacement Nylon End Plates (T shaped)
low in stock! Back in Stock Soon
Flat Leathers for Small Snooker Tables
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Snooker Ring Nets with Sewn on Leather
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Snooker Ball Rail Leathers
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